Direct PPA

Democratizing Green Power

Direct PPA creates a new paradigm for renewable power in the US with enhanced liquidity and an end-to-end digital workflow.

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Master The Market

Tailored analytics, combined with our unique process, helps you identify and win the best market opportunities.

Save Time and Money

Our fully digital process reduces transaction times from months to weeks, at a cost much lower than current methods.

Exceed Your ESG Goals

Our platform and tools help you design and implement a program for efficient renewable power purchasing.


Direct PPA’s ground-breaking solution provides a seamless process for US renewable power purchasing.

  • For Buyers

    Our turnkey solution helps you easily quantify, and transact to offset, your Scope 2 carbon emissions.

    We provide direct access to the historically walled PPA market, so you can take advantage of favorable green power prices.

  • Marketplace

    Our proprietary process first identifies potential deals, then enables direct negotiation to finalize terms.

    In addition to initial purchases, our platform provides a secondary market for the resale of deals completed on it.

  • For Developers / Sellers

    We help you reduce sales and transaction costs when developing new projects, compared to competitive solutions.

    Our unique workflow provides staged confidentiality, and our tools include counterparty risk management.


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If you are a commercial party seeking to buy or sell renewable power, you can use our efficient online application process.

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