Direct PPA

Democratizing Green Power

Direct PPA creates a new paradigm for renewable power in the US with enhanced liquidity and an end-to-end digital workflow.

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Master The Market

Industry-leading analytics help you understand your own requirements and available opportunities in the market.

Access Tailored Dealflow

Our matching engine is driven by a comprehensive data set and unique algorithms to find you the best deal.

Exceed Your ESG Goals

Our platform and tools help you implement a program for efficient renewable power purchasing.


Direct PPA’s ground-breaking solution provides the essential framework for US renewable power purchasing.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

    We provide unique tools to help parties understand market factors, plus the economics of any prospective deal.

    Once a project is in operation, our tools provides buyers with the full suite of performance monitoring capabilities.

  • Aggregation & Marketplace

    Buyer aggregation workflow helps mid-sized buyers pool together to meet producer offtake requirements.

    We use a unique auction methodology to obtain best pricing for both buyers and sellers, as well as direct negotiation.

  • Secondary Market

    Our proprietary processes and documentation enable an online secondary market for resale of PPAs completed on our platform.

    To save time and money, we have automated the entire transaction process with a unified digital solution.