Digital Infrastructure
for the Energy Transition

Tellus Markets helps hedging and renewable power market participants identify and complete customized transactions to enhance outcomes and minimize risk.

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Tellus Markets’ solutions are built around networks of commodities producers and users.
With our industry-specific analytics, you can easily identify your company’s requirements.
Process automation makes price discovery and matching more efficient.


Once identified, our secure venues enable private negotiation of prospective deals.
With our platforms you can customize terms specific to your needs.
Our workflows cover the entire transaction lifecycle, including relevant documentation.


Analytics plus customization allows you to create a deal to exceed your objectives.
Our efficient technology platforms help you save time and money when transacting.
Automated processes and tools create the framework for you to scale your business.

Direct Swap

Direct Swap’s platform covers the hedging lifecycle from initial decision support through downstream processing. Learn more.

Direct PPA

Direct PPA creates a new paradigm for renewable power in the US with enhanced liquidity and an end-to-end digital workflow. Learn more.

Latest Insights

Direct Swap Market Alert: Crude starts the new year closing above $50!

  • Crude flat-price and forward curve have crossed the $50 threshold which points to a global recovery.

Direct Swap Market Alert: Crude Recovery?

  • Both the flat price and forward curve for crude (WTI) have rallied in the past month, and point to a global recovery and possible tightness out the curve.

3Q 2020 Oil & Gas Market Update - Is The Natural Gas Market Heating Back Up?

  • Q3 2020 was challenging due to the pandemic, and a slump in natural gas prices.
  • However, producers should be increasingly optimistic about Q4 onward as a sharp rally in natural gas provides hedging opportunities.
  • Both flat price and forward curve structure provide the opportunity to lock-in margin.