Tellus Carbon:
Open Marketplace for Environmental Commodities
Access Unique Markets
Purchase carbon offsets and renewable power RECs that are typically traded in opaque markets
Identify Opportunities
Our unique universe of sellers, combined with criteria based customized matching, helps you execute and optimize your offset plans
Achieve Your ESG Goals
Tellus Carbon provides a seamless process for your organization to transact to offset its Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions
Tellus Carbon can be purchased as a standalone solution, or as part of Tellus Climate Suite
Products comprising the Tellus Climate Suite:
Sustainability Management
Tellus Sustain streamlines emissions inventory, analytics and reporting
Clean Power Purchasing
Tellus PPA creates a new paradigm for renewable power in the US
Environmental Commodities
Tellus Carbon simplifies access to opaque environmental commodities markets
This product: Tellus Carbon